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As we said on the first page, one of the main reasons that is in it's current form is because of the statement that we have heard so often. "There is nothing to do in Zanesville".

With that in mind, welcome to Entertainment. Here you will find literally hundreds of things to do with friends, family, dates or even by yourself. If you still can't find something, be sure to check ACTIVITIES, where there is even MORE to do.

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Because there is so much to do in Zanesville, Ohio, we had to divide the Entertainment area up into quite a few categories. They are:

Restaurants - Looking for someplace special to eat or someplace new? This is the place to go.   Movies - Check the showtimes or maybe a review of a current movie. Right here.

Theater/Arts - Theatrical performances more your style or maybe a visit to the art gallery? Locations and information are just a click away.   Music - Time to jam? Listen to a little soul? Line dance? Tune into this link.

Parks - Get outdoors and see nature at her finest. Click here for details.   Hobbies - Cars, Video Games, and Pottery are in here with more to follow soon.

Recreation - Bowling, swimming, camping or skating. Your information is just a click away.   Shopping - Grab the wallet or purse, click here a few times and you will be sure to find something that you need, want or just have to buy. Go get it!

Golf - What entertainment area would be complete without.... Golf.  Click Here to check out all the great Golf Courses in the Zanesville area.   Games -The Games section of is HOT with game reviews and fun online games to play and it is now UP and ready for you to give it a try!


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